Mel Cupidon – Owner

Previous business coaches that I had seen were not the right fit for my creative business, so I was hoping for anything better than the previous experiences! I have received everything I hoped for and more. Support, understanding, and putting my vision into tangible terms has helped SO MUCH!

I have used many of the things we have spoken about. The main one that comes up over and over are my business values and pillars, these have been extremely helpful when making decisions and working out the direction to take the business in. There’s nothing I would have changed about my experience – thank you!

Lauren Frederiks – Owner

I was expecting to get a bit of clarity around the direction of my business was heading in. I was feeling a bit lost in what I had so far developed and it didn’t feel quite right. I wanted to have a plan and strategy in place going forward. I also wanted to get advice from someone with a business background and business mentality.

I have received all of this and more. It’s amazing how the small exercises get you thinking differently. After each session I have a sense of ‘Wow’ – I feel like I am actually thinking BIG it gets me thinking so much  – it’s also slightly scary!

I feel like I am getting the root of what I am meant to do. All my varied past positions, skills and studies are coming together and evolving into something I actually never thought my business would be. I am loving everything (about coaching with Ami). I love how Ami has the ability to question my thoughts and stretch my mind. She is very understanding, approachable and empathetic.

shelle beilharz

Shelley Beilharz – Lead Accountant and Owner

I’ve really enjoyed Ami’s approach. I’ve tried coaching elsewhere and it seemed regimented and boring. It’s certainly not like that with Ami. I love the creative approach, focusing on strengths and learning more about myself. I didn’t have high expectations, I’d worked on a few different things over the years (VIA/Gallup/DISC etc) and wondered what else I could learn.

I expected a cookie cutter experience like I had in the past – so pleasantly surprised! I have learnt more about what I’m capable of and in turn the confidence to keep going with the big scary goals/plan.

the good day club

Kate Forsyth and Dave Bunting – Directors

Coaching was all pretty eye opening and at times confronting. The supportive, non judgemental environment including the serene, calm vibe brought by Ami really worked for us. I did not need any tough love or harsh advice at at time when I was feeling very vulnerable.

All of it was so valuable. It helped us through a super hard time in the business, made us face up to the reality of things and gave us the skills and more of a framework to work out the best structure for 2020.

How easy things like our values and strategy came together – I’ve always found those things so gruelling at other times. I feel super pumped for 2020 and am actually feeling refreshed in DECEMBER, for goodness sake!

Amanda Jacobs

Amanda Jacobs – General Manager

I have really enjoyed the feeling of clarity that I leave with after every session. I now have a through line to connect all the work I have taken on, to better understand and therefore communication my story to others. It has been so valuable to step out of the tasks, to work on a plan for the future, to spend time focusing on me. To understand my values was a huge step for clarifying why I make decisions or work well in particular environments, understanding how others receive information has helped with managing my team better. Coaching with Ami has been a game changer for me.

Janis House

Janis House – Owner

Even though my business has been established for a few years, taking the time to review my values and goals has been invaluable. Ami’s incredible processes help to clarify beyond the current projects and to reinforce your strengths for business growth. It has been a remarkable course that would benefit anyone in business. I look forward to working with Ami again soon.

Trish Martin

Trish Martin – Owner

I contacted Ami after having previously talked over the phone about potentially hosting a workshop with her clients. I felt a kindness, warm energy and a need to work together. I started to see so many people I love and follow online working with her and knew I had to get in touch. I am so glad I did. Being a chronic over-thinker, overdo-er, and over-giver, living with a chronic illness, I needed to nut out my own business strategy to look after myself while still living out my purpose of helping others.

I was understood from the get-go and Ami created a custom plan for me and Chromatical that was tailored to my learning type, and a plan that fueled my passions while still caring for my health. By finding how I work best, what my values are, what my purpose is, and the pillars that all form the foundation of Chromatical, I now clearly see my path and my ‘why’. I also have a friend, someone who genuinely cares for me and wants me to succeed and that is something that I know she would offer all of her clients. Ami invests in you as much as you invest in her. I can’t thank you enough.

Kate Saville – Owner