Kate Saville – Owner

Kate Saville Personal Training

The group coaching program with Craft Coaching and Development has been an amazing experience. Ami is a brilliant coach who can take challenging and overwhelming business principles and break them down into relatable, easy to understand language. The course content was invaluable and I will refer back to the resources provided often.

To work closely with a group of hard working, innovative business women has been such a fantastic experience and I’m so excited to see what the future holds for them and their amazing businesses.

I highly recommend this programs and Craft Coaching and Development. Anyone who gets the chance to work with Ami and have her on their side is incredibly fortunate. Thanks Ami!

Laurie Everaert – Owner

Locavore Photography

If you’re feeling stuck and needing guidance across any aspect of your creative business, Ami truly is the most beautiful soul and business coach you’ll ever meet. It really does feel like having a business confidante, someone to provide clarity and knowledge in all things business, and someone who will bring out the best in you and help you see all the possibilities. I completely trust in her experience and expertise and feel better building the foundations of my business knowing she is there to guide me along the way.

Shay Bianco – Founder and Owner

MP Kickass Collective and Lil Travellers

Ami is the most beautiful soul who will gently make you dig deep to move you and your business forward.
I cannot recommend Ami highly enough. She has given me drive again and helped me find my direction.
So grateful Ami has come into my life.

Anna Rogan – Owner

Anna Rogan Copywriting

Ami perfectly combines warmth, support and general wonderfulness with intelligence and real deal, evidence-based strategies. Working with her on my business mindset and goals leaves me feeling empowered and expansive and ready to take on the world. But not in a superficial way, it’s not all hot air and telling me how great I am. We go deep in the work and it can be difficult and confronting, but I always feel safe and trusting in the work and in Ami’s expertise. Like having my hair stroked by someone loving and supportive – virtually, of course. Don’t ask her to really stroke your hair, that would be weird.

Sara White – Editor and CEO

Styletails and Luxe Pet Guide (United Kingdom)

I have been working with Ami for the past 6 months, and they have been the most productive and pivotal 6 months in my business since I launched it in 2012. I contacted Ami after coming to a cross-roads. I had put in 5 years of hard work and I was still not paying myself a wage, while working every hour of the day and night. Plus all of this while juggling 3 very young children at home. Needless to say, I was almost ready to pack things in. Thank goodness I didn’t. After one conversation with Ami, she reassured me that my business was completely viable, and with a few small changes and some clear direction, we could turn it into a thriving operation that would pay me a wage. Ami helped me to take a huge step back, look at what was working and what wasn’t, and start to hone my focus on the stuff that would make me money. Within 4 months I was able to bring on a marketing person who has already had a huge positive impact on the business.

I would never have made such a big decision without Ami’s input as I was so used to operating on a shoestring and not asking for help. Ami has helped me get real clarity and to discover my confidence when it comes to my business. Now I talk about it like it’s a really successful operation, not just a hobby on the side. I’m proud to say that in May I finally paid myself a wage – which felt amazing! And I now have a pipeline of business coming in and I can see where my next pay cheque will come from.

I would highly recommend Ami to anyone needing support, direction and clarity in their business. She has a really supportive approach that makes the whole process feel achievable and she’s with you every step of the way.

Sarah Mackay Wiggers – Director

Studio Samsara -The Loft and The Sanctuary

I was so frazzled working “in” my business teaching a zillion classes, trying to be an administrator, manager, staff coordinator, marketer, graphic designer……. I had little time to know about or grasp what was happening in the “outside” world.

I remember one of the first things Ami asked when we met was what my big vision was. I vividly remember her encouraging it! Not ever making me think for a moment it was too big. She told me I was a Visionary, an Entrepreneur – What? I was just a Dance and Pilates teacher!

In the past, I’d often get feedback to bring it down, reduce the load, but no Ami didn’t think like that. She can help you make anything possible as long as you have the right people in the right positions and the right systems in place. I didn’t! That’s where she stepped in!

The first thing we did was get a core group of our team in for private sessions. We all filled in a questionnaire that helped determine our strengths and values and one thing I’ve definitely learnt from Ami is that moving forward successfully requires an alignment with your core values.

A perfect example of that is my life right now, where I’m all about consolidating, systemising, finding an ideal work life balance and she is still there to guide and support my vision. Ami has helped me gain clarity and direction in my business and has given me the tools I needed to free up time and actually be able to work “on” my business rather than “in” my business!

I now have a clear vision that I’m energised to implement. If it wasn’t for Ami, I have no doubt I would have burnt out and stopped completely. She seriously has changed my perspective and in turn my lifestyle through her fabulous, informing and inspiring coaching sessions and I am so very grateful that this stunning, intelligent woman has entered my life.

Leah Mether – Director

Methmac Communications

Ami is the secret weapon for my business.

She is a fantastic sounding board, supporter, adviser and calming influence who perfectly balances my high energy, action orientated approach to work and life. Ami is full of practical advice and makes me stop and consider the bigger picture which ensures I stay strategically focussed to meet my business vision. I highly recommend working with Ami if you want to step up your personal and career success.

Marina McInnes – Owner

Cider Tonic

I recently had the opportunity to meet & have a one on one session with the fabulous Ami. If you are a small business l can not recommended her more highly. It can be tough trying to nut it all out and stay focused all on your own. With Ami she helps you to work out your strengths, priorities & vision to get you to where you want to be. I left feeling energized and ready to take on the world.

Lauren Murphy – Owner

Lauren Murphy Photography

Ami Summers has an intrinsic gift for helping you find your authentic self and instilling that in your businesses. Her inquisitive and genuine nature is heart warming to be around. In a few sessions I have felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders of confusion, doubt and fear about where my business should head. Instead, excitement, hope and confidence are building as I see what I always push aside as ‘passion projects’ or ‘daydreams’ can in fact be part of my profitable business. I can be myself, keep my values and creativity strong in all I do and be profitable. I am so excited to have Ami encourage me on this journey with grounded strategy and actions to help my heart fly where it wants to with my craft.

Rachel Kurzyp – Writer and Comms Expert

Ami helped me slow down so I could finally prioritise myself – my health, values, purpose, and approach to business.

Most business coaches focus only on helping you get all The Things done, but Ami is different. She takes a holistic approach to coaching, by taking a step back and asking is there a match between the person and the business they are running. In my case, I had built a business that wasn’t serving my personal needs anymore. Ami helped me to reassess what it was I wanted from my business, and put steps in place so I could pivot my business to ensure it will grow with me.

Kate Britton – Owner

A Midday in May

Without the help and guidance of working with Ami, I never would have taken the leap to follow my passion and start my design business.

Working with Ami has been a real eye opener to who I truly am, what my values & strengths are, and what I need to do to honour my authentic self. Working from a place of self-fulfilment, rather than leaning into my not-so desirable behavioural patterns, I am slowly learning, with ongoing coaching, how to be the best I can be, in my work & home life. Using the information that we’ve discovered together, I am now able to communicate with my clients on a different level and have a better understanding of how they like to be spoken to and why they respond in a particular way.

Every session with Ami, leaves me full of insight and the drive to improve what I’m doing, in all aspects of my life. I want to take this opportunity to thank Ami for helping me find the courage from within to chase my dreams!

Angela Lewis – Owner

Life Thyme Low Tox Living

I have been working with Ami for around four months. I remember my initial message to Ami was something like “Help, I am lost, and I need your direction”. I was talking about my work life, and a business I had started six months earlier. Ami reached out and offered a free 30 minute consult and straight away I knew she was going to be a good fit for me. From our very first consult I had absolute clarity, and she completely pulled me out of the crazy mess I was in. We have achieved so much in such a short time, and I am happy to say I have a very clear direction of where my business is going and that my business twelve months in is super strong. I think back to when I first contacted Ami, wondering if I even needed a Coach. My answer, you never know you need a Coach until you have one, especially one called Ami Summers!

Jo Daly – Owner

Jo Daly Interiors

I had thought about using a business coach for my small business for a while but wondered what value it would bring. Well I wish I had of teamed up with Ami a lot earlier. Getting help from Ami has given me the confidence and clarity I had been lacking.

This has turned my business around and given me a set plan and a clear direction of where I want to be.

Ami has helped form a strong set of core values and bought things out in me that I didn’t know existed. This in turn is now coming across to my clients and I can see the growth and change.

When your passionate about your work sometimes you get lost in the moment and forget to consider the other aspects of the business and your life.

I still have a long list for Ami and I to work on but I know with Ami’s coaching I will reach those goals.

Kellie Robinson – Owner

Colour of Life Photography

I have been seeing Ami for a few years now and to say that she has helped my photography business is an understatement. Working as a sole business owner can be sometimes quite challenging and lonely when you don’t have colleagues to bounce things off or people to help push you to set and meet goals so it has been wonderful to have Ami there when I need her for clarity, motivation, business planning, soul searching and much much more.

She not only helped me with a complete re-brand of my business but continues to be such great support by pushing the boundaries that I sometimes set for myself.

We have dug deep to get to the core values of who I am as a person and what my passion and business means to me. I thank her dearly for all she has done and continues to do to help my business and personal self grow.

Kathryn Anderson – Director

Viva Physio

Thank you Ami for the valuable help you’ve given me in business strategy, personal development and mentoring. As the solo director of a business and a mum, the focus I can apply to my work as a result of our sessions has helped me gain a growing sense of balance and clarity. I have gained streets worth of insight through the combination of diagnostics and situational coaching and in just a few short months have learnt skills that will last me a lifetime.

Marcus Hanley and Jackie Payne – Owners

Peninsula Nut Co & Humpercrunch

As a husband and wife team and being self-employed, having Ami work with us on our business has given us the direction we needed to move to the next level. Being a ‘two man team’ can sometimes be challenging and having a third person (Ami) on the side to discuss ideas, set goals etc has been a great addition to our business. Coaching has made us accountable and keeps us on our toes with timelines for our business.

Julia Gottlieb – Creative Director

Amadeus Brand

After five years of being in business as a brand strategist, I’d lost my way. I was overworked, over stressed and beginning to lose the love I once had for my work. I knew I needed to do it smarter, I just didn’t know how. Enter Ami. Within a few sessions using and discussing some really powerful diagnostic tools, I was able to identify my areas of strength as well as things that were holding me back. Moreover, and – most importantly – I was able to question my internal drive for profit and instead refocus on purpose, leading me to realign my business and gain the love back again. I cannot recommend Ami highly enough.

Dusk Liney – Owner and Lead Facilitator

The Listening Squad

My Deep Dive session with Ami was so valuable. There was a moment in the session when I realised the core of what I’m passionate about in my business, and began dreaming about what it could look like in five years from now. Three months on I’m already taking action to create that goal! The session really is the gift that keeps on giving, such a valuable investment. There were so many moments in my session where everything came together so clearly! Ami is an incredible creative whisperer. For those of us with lots of ideas on the go, Ami finds the common thread that ties it all together and help us focus on that. All the mind noise stops and you can finally hear yourself think, then act! That common thread that Ami helps you find becomes like an anchor, so you still get to zoom around on your boat visiting all the fun places, possibilities and ideas. Then you can just pop the anchor out, sit back and take it all in.

Gemma Carr – Owner

Gemma Carr Photography

Cementing my values has been so valuable. They can now be rippled through my business in a more conscious fashion.
I really enjoyed seeing things from a fresh perspective. I felt like Ami really “gets” me, so it was a really safe space for me to explore the topics we did.

Amy Fox – Director

The Low Tox Fox

Seeing Ami has been such a game changer for me

After only a few sessions Ami managed to help me see how I was holding myself back and shared achievable steps to make important changes in both my personal life and my business, to allow myself and my business to grow and expand.

Not only has Ami helped me improve my business relationships, personal relationships AND my relationship to my business, she’s helped me improve my relationship with myself, which has been the most invaluable tool she could have given me, I honesty can’t recommend her highly enough.