Small business barriers are universal.

When we moved to Gippsland in 2006, I was in awe. A beautiful sweeping valley with rolling green hills, towering manna gums and unfurling tree ferns. I felt energised, alive, connected to nature, inspired. The community welcomed us and we settled in for 12 years on our 75 acre farm. The satisfying work of managing two businesses, a farm and renovations to our run-down house began.

At the end of last year, after grappling with the idea for awhile, we realised that the fresh, sea air of the Peninsula beckoned us back. We had lived on the Peninsula before moving to Gippsland, and there were so many happy memories attached to Gippsland – but also sad ones. We left behind the memorial garden of our first born daughter and other challenges along the way. My husband Dave, our son Indy and I returned to the Peninsula in December 2017 to enjoy the rejuvenation the sea air and water provides, and visit our beloved Gippsland weekly for work. The best of both worlds.

The truth be told, we really missed it.

Anyone who has lived on the Peninsula will agree – the Mornington Peninsula is a special place to live. There is an air of opportunity – creative, confident, connected people within the community, and the bush, beach, art, culture, wine, food and village lifestyle at our doorstep.

Curiously, our second stint has confirmed that some things never change for entrepreneurs. The challenges of small business owners seemed to be the same 12 years on. It didn’t matter if it was a client in Mornington, Gippsland, Melbourne or Sydney….the hundreds of small business owners who have come through Craft’s doors were all reporting the same barriers – it didn’t matter what environment they were in.


A sticking point for small business owners is often believing in their potential. The entrepreneurial spirit has side effects – setting a high standard can lead to being overly critical and over analysing the businesses potential impact to create global impact. In the day to day running of a small business, it is difficult to find the mindset to persevere through challenge, and turn setbacks into learning opportunities.

Lean resources

A large percentage of my clients are mothers, and are operating on limited time. Add to that the usual limitations of cashflow to bring in support and a lack of energy, and you have the perfect conditions for someone to give up. We often don’t stop to appreciate that our small businesses have created an employment opportunity that fits with family commitments, and provides something of value to the world on the smell of an oily rag. We wear six or seven different hats and develop competency at several skills that are not normally found in the same job description.

Lack of business acumen

Let’s face it – small business owners often find themselves in business because they have a great idea, are attracted to the flexibility, or have a heartpull to do something important in the world – not the lure and motivation to excel in business management. It’s common for a client to come to me without a plan, and only a vague idea about their profit and loss numbers.


Running a small business is tough. There are barriers to success, lots of obstacles to overcome, and big dollops of perseverance needed. Motivation can run dry at times, and a cheersquad and self-care strategies are essential. The great news is, motivation can be cultivated with the right tools.


As small business owners, sharing the same challenges is an incredible opportunity – an opportunity for us to band together, collaborate, pool together to get the resources we need, buoy each other and learn from each other.

When I first moved to Mornington, I met Shay from MP Kickass Collective. She was like a breath of fresh air. A likeminded, good hearted person who’s main motivator for starting the group was to elevate other women. She’s truly collaborative: and not in that self-serving, “I’m going to shine a light on you so it shines a light on me” secretly power hungry way. She’s a fiercely strong and determined woman with a soft heart who I admire greatly. We instantly felt aligned when she approached me to design a series of workshops for her members – a group of clever, supportive, community spirited, creative business women.

Together, we are determined to be a part of the solution to these shared challenges…

We are teaming up to offer small businesses an opportunity to address these barriers. Practical sessions to accelerate your vision that are affordable, worth your time and inspiring. Five coaching sessions over six months with a group of positive, supportive and likeminded female business owners are launching in Mornington in October. Our sessions kick off at an incredible new venue on Main Street that you have to experience – a hub specifically designed to elevate women and their wellness (in health, wealth, business and in life).

During each session, we’ll work on your personalised business plan. You will come out of the five sessions with a fully formed business plan, having challenged your barriers to small business success, and gained a cheersquad of women who are potential collaborators, renewed clarity and direction. The added bonus is the opportunity to have your concerns addressed as we go through ongoing business coaching support from an accredited, experienced coach.

Places are limited to 10 as our space is limited: if you are ready to unpack your barriers and plan a future for your business, join us starting the 5th of October.

Grab your place 

Craft is led by Melbourne based coach and consultant Ami Summers.

Ami has spent more than a decade as an accredited coach and leadership development consultant.

Clients that have worked with Ami consistently say she is a compassionate, wise and deeply pragmatic coach with a gift for empowering the individual or business owner to see they have the resources to transform themselves and the world around them.

She is accredited and experienced to deliver a number of diagnostic tools to help unlock an individual or teams capability and strengths.

Craft’s main focus is to deliver valuable business results whilst bringing out the best in an individual or business. We do this by sharing creative leadership tools that are typically only available to large corporates.

We offer individual coaching, leadership development consulting services, group mentoring and small business coaching. Get in touch if we can help you bring more Flow into your business.

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