Meet Mel Cupidon
Owner – Creative Makes

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After exploring her business idea as a ‘side hustle’ for the past 6 years, in 2018 an excited Mel Cupidon left her day job and dived straight into opening her own studio. Creative Makes is a creative centre for children and adults to find togetherness in making, through classes, workshops, parties and holding space for discovery, play and exploration. 

During six months of coaching with us, Mel unearthed her values; a piece of insight that became the guiding light through the peaks and troughs in the first 12 months of business. We spoke to her about her first year, what she’s achieved for the creative community around her and the joy the work has brought to so many. 


How long have you been running your business?
All up I started about 6 years ago part time as a side hustle, but I have had my own studio full time for just over 12 months.

As the leader of your business, how would you describe yourself?
Fun and passionate! I jump in head first and just go for it!

What is the biggest triumph in your business so far?
I cant choose just one, I have two…..Opening the studio, and holding our first End of year Exhibition at the end of 2109. I have been dreaming of opening the studio since I started teaching children’s art classes out of local community centers about 6 years ago, so I am still pinching myself that I am actually living my dream!
The exhibition was a beautiful celebration of everything the children made over 2019 and it was amazing and overwhelming to watch the children have a space that they could share their creativity with their loved ones!

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve overcome in your business so far?
Not knowing how to run a business….I’m still learning…EVERY.SINGLE.DAY….I’m a creative, I have lots and lots of ideas, but am often unsure of how to implement them, or what they look like from a practical point of view. You also don’t truly know how much is involved in opening and running a business until you are actually in it!

What has surprised you the most in business?
The incredible generosity and support of other small business owners, people really truly want you to succeed, so NEVER be afraid to ask for advice or help.

What is your favourite part of running your business?
My beautiful, supportive, amazing customers and workshop facilitators!

What are you most proud of?
Everything I have achieved over the last 12 months. The Creative Makes studio did not exist 12 months ago, now we (I say we because I could not do this without the customers and makers support me every single day) have now created this amazing space where people of all ages can get creative together, it has become a community, and I am forever grateful and very proud that I have been able to facilitate a space that can be that for people.

What are you looking forward to the most in the next 12 months?
Getting organised! Boring I know, but I am so excited about what I am currently working on, I’m locking down procedures and policies to allow breathing space. I have found myself flying by the seat of my pants a number of times over the last 12 months because of the massive learning curve I have been on.

What is your nugget of wisdom for others going down a similar path?
Ask questions…..lots and lots of questions!!! You will stuff up, but that’s not failure its knowledge.

How has coaching helped you in your journey?
Ami is amazing at steering you through the vision you have into your mind and putting it into practice.
The most helpful nugget Ami has given me was at the very beginning of our coaching journey, and that was my business values. I still refer to them constantly and they help me to make decisions!
I always leave our sessions feeling inspired, confident, and excited, and cannot thank Ami enough!