LTM – The tool that transforms how you communicate with your audience

LTM – The tool that transforms how you communicate with your audience

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“I have communication issues with clients, customers and suppliers.”

“My message is not reaching the right people.”

“People don’t truly understand what my business is about.”

“I feel like I can’t articulate the process clearly to clients.”

Sound familiar? These are some of the common communication challenges I hear about from clients. Luckily, it often comes down to ONE SIMPLE THING.

How you and others prefer to communicate and receive information.

Here at Craft, we use a variety of tools designed to help small business owners understand their behaviours and the behaviours of their customer. Learning about how best to get your message across to your ideal client can improve marketing and selling execution, social media presence, conflict resolution, business influencing and relationship management. One of our go-to, tried and tested diagnostics, the Learning Type Measure can help you do this. We are giving away one of the diagnostics to help YOU understand how to take your business to the next level. Check out the details at the end of this post.

What it’s all about

The LTM is an impactful diagnostic tool that was originally designed to transform teaching methods within schools. After decades of use, it is still used today as a curriculum design tool, but is also effective in corporate development. This handy tool packs a punch – it can help improve many areas of your business, not to mention your capability as a small business leader.

The main premise of The Learning Type Measure is that when learning something new, we all cycle through the four learning styles (4MAT) to embed the information. However, most of us often have a ‘comfort zone’ where we feel most engaged in the learning cycle. The LTM provides a framework for understanding the way you and your audience move through the process of experiencing, assimilating, acting upon and integrating knowledge. In other words; the process of educating, and selling.


Which learning type are you?

Here’s a quick summary of the 4 learning styles that The Learning Type Measure identifies.

Type 1:  Prefers a personal story, human connection, meaningful discussion and dialogue. Your favourite question starts with “ Why?”

Type 2: Likes to analyse, research and gather data, whilst learning via experts. Your favourite question starts with “What?” 

Type 3:  Is predominantly task-oriented. You prefer learning by doing, solving problems and experimenting, and focusing on the outcome at hand. Your favourite question starts with “ How?” 

Type 4. Is innovation-oriented. Prefers to focus on the possibility and creative potential, while thinking strategically. Your favourite question starts with “What If?”

The population is fairly evenly split between each of the four Types. If we communicate ONLY from our preference, we may lose the attention of 75% of our potential audience. We can disengage, we can polarise, we can miss opportunities to connect. 

When we understand our own Learning Type, we become adept at spotting what type others are. As a result, we begin to broaden our ability to impact and connect. Our message is received by more people, we meet our clients and customers where they are at, not from where we are at. 

How Craft + LTM can serve you

Using the 4MAT framework that underpins the LTM diagnostic can significantly improve the impact of coaching – we begin with this diagnostic tool with each new client.  When your coach understands how you prefer to engage with new material, we can adapt how we deliver sessions and ensure you get the very most out of the process (while still maintaining Craft’s style and approach.)

The LTM takes 10-15 minutes online to complete, and with a short debrief, you’ll be on the road to getting clearer about how your preferences impact your decisions. You’ll be clearer on how to better communicate with others in the future and, by employing some of their preferred learning strategies, ensure you are engaging with them in a meaningful way.

We have one Learning Type Measure diagnostic to give away as we are testing a new online system and would like your feedback. You’ll receive:

  • An online LTM questionnaire
  • A report to debrief your results
  • A 30-minute coaching call to learn all about how to use this as an effective tool for your business
  • The opportunity to provide feedback on your experience

To enter, simply jump onto our socials and tag yourself or someone you think needs this tool.

Alternatively, sign up to our monthly newsletter to get a step by step map to applying the 4MAT model to your communication in our May edition of the newsletter. Your marketing, client communication, proposals and intake process will improve significantly. Sign up here.

If you are curious about the LTM or any other diagnostics we offer for small business leaders, please get in touch with questions at anytime.


Craft is led by Melbourne based coach and consultant Ami Summers.

Ami has spent more than a decade as an accredited coach and leadership development consultant.

Clients that have worked with Ami consistently say she is a compassionate, wise and deeply pragmatic coach with a gift for empowering the individual or business owner to see they have the resources to transform themselves and the world around them.

She is accredited and experienced to deliver a number of diagnostic tools to help unlock an individual or teams capability and strengths.

Craft’s main focus is to deliver valuable business results whilst bringing out the best in an individual or business. We do this by sharing creative leadership tools that are typically only available to large corporates. We offer individual coaching, leadership development consulting services, group mentoring and small business coaching. Get in touch if we can help you bring more insight into your business.

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