You are an individual (with or without a business) who is ready to step into your strengths, leverage what is unique about you, gain clarity on your direction and unpack personal barriers through the use of coaching exercises, diagnostics and leadership tools.



Personal Coaching

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A tailored and supportive coaching experience. Together, we determine your needs and desired outcomes and co-design a plan that suits you.

Choose from a 3 or 6 month plan, a 3 session online package, or design your own plan, ranging from $275 plus GST per session (diagnostics are charged as an additional fee) for those on a 3 or 6 month plan, to $350 plus GST per session for those who would like to design their own plan and book sessions as needed.

We also offer diagnostics plans and ad hoc coaching services if there is a particular diagnostic you’d like us to administer.

 Ami is a brilliant coach who can take challenging and overwhelming business principles and break them down into relatable, easy to understand language.

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Diagnostic tools

Through our many years of experience with corporate leadership tools, we have hand picked the tools we know elevates leaders, small business owners and individuals into their place of greatest impact. Diagnostics are often the fastest, most effective way to clarify the capacities in an individual.

As part of a coaching plan, we weave online tools into your development that are designed to fast track you to your desired outcomes. These surveys provide us with data on your behaviours, thinking and tendencies/preferences that allow us to build a picture of your strengths and barriers that are grounded in scientific fact, coupled with state of the art personable coaching to debrief and make sense of your results.

We introduce a number of diagnostics to our clients that will:

  • clarify your strengths, leveraging what is ‘right’ about you
  • help us to understand your current personal barriers to success and build a plan around how to overcome these
  • amplify the characteristics that contribute to you flourishing and being your best
  • create self-awareness that builds leadership skills personally and professionally

Accredited in:

Also provides:

  • Learning Type Measure diagnostic (LTM/4MAT)
  • Signature Strengths Survey (VIA)
  • DISC Profile
  • Hays Management Styles Survey

Within a few sessions using and discussing some really powerful diagnostic tools, I was able to identify my areas of strength as well as things that were holding me back… I cannot recommend Ami highly enough.

Julia Gottlieb, Creative Director Amadeus Brand
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