You run a business with 10 staff or less, and are looking to develop yourself as the business owner, plan your business for growth, and you need a partner to help you through the higher level complexities of achieving this.

We are small business experts, running our own, working for others and coaching hundreds of small business leaders.



Business Coaching

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Our creative approach to business coaching innovates, elevates and inspires small business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Choose your approach:

  • Deep Dive session
    A 4 hour session where we dive directly into your personal leadership, foundational elements of your business through a purpose and values elicitation, and a map for your businesses future. Sessions are charged at $250 per hour plus GST, including a 2 leadership diagnostics.

  • 3 month plan
    Approximately 6 sessions. An intensive program for quick results, perfect for intensive learning, executing a growth plan or exploring and amplifying an existing opportunity. Sessions are charged at $250 per hour plus GST.

  • 6 month plan
    Approximately 12 sessions. A transformational program that builds your personal capacity as a business owner. Includes personal diagnostics, strength and value assessments, and growth and business plan construction and implementation. Sessions are charged at $250 per hour plus GST.

  • 3 session package (online only)
    Together, we design an approach to a specific business challenge or leadership opportunity you want to master and structure 3 value packed hours in at a time that suits you. Package sessions are delivered via Zoom, via 3 x 1 hour sessions that are scheduled upfront on payment. For new or returning clients. A 3 session package is $900 plus GST.

  • Design your own plan
    From 1 session to sessions booked in as needed. This option gives you the ability to design your approach, book in as needed with your specific outcomes in mind. Starting with an introductory session, we give you the tools to articulate what you need from coaching. We’ll then outline a customised approach that will achieve these outcomes, and co-design how we do this together. We can also do one off sessions where you are in charge of our focus. Sessions start at $350 per hour plus GST.

Ami is the secret weapon for my business.   She is a fantastic sounding board, supporter, adviser and calming influence who perfectly balances my high energy, action orientated approach to work and life. Ami is full of practical advice

Leah Mether – Director, Methmac Communications

Business Leader Mentoring

business leader coaching

Being a small business leader can be lonely. Decision making is difficult, and managing a team and the strategy of a business by yourself is daunting. Our Business Leader Mentoring Package ensures you have the support you need to succeed. We start by designing an executive level leadership development plan customised to suit your needs, and we are there every step of the way through weekly mentoring calls and face to face sessions via Zoom or in Melbourne or Mornington. There are three levels of support available:

  1. Emerging Leader Support: 3 x 30 minute mentoring calls a month: $750 per month plus GST
  2. Elevating Leader Support: 1 x 1 hour leadership development session per month, and 3 weekly 30 minute mentoring calls: $1500 per month plus GST
  3. Established Leader Support: 1 x 2 hour leadership development session per month, 4 weekly 30 minute mentoring calls and email support: $2500 per month plus GST

A mentoring package can also be added to any coaching plan for an extra level of support.

Ami perfectly combines warmth, support and general wonderfulness with intelligence and real deal, evidence-based strategies. Working with her on my business mindset and goals leaves me feeling empowered and expansive and ready to take on the world. I always feel safe and trusting in the work and in Ami’s expertise.

Anna Rogan - Owner , Anna Rogan Copywriting

Business Deep Dive Session

A 4 hour stand alone session, starting at $250 per hour plus GST (includes 2 leadership diagnostics). We dive into your business with the first hour spent on you as the business owner, uncovering your strengths, your communication and working style. We then set the foundations to build a solid business – identifying your business values, your business purpose, and what you want more of. We then move to planning and strategy, where we get clear on your focus for the next three years, and work backwards to design the implementation.

Business Plans

We can facilitate a business plan through face to face coaching sessions, where we hold your hand through each section of the plan and coach you to write it yourself (building your skills in planning and strategy for the future) or we can write the plan for you.

We also have a free business plan template available to download and work through at your own pace, which is designed specifically for visually inclined, creative entrepreneurs.

Workshops and Programs

Workshops for small groups, staff groups or corporate clients. Examples of our signature programs that can be delivered in house for the community are:

      • Strengths Workshop (4 hours): Strength identification and implementation
      • 4MAT Workshop (4 hours): Identify individual learning styles, and how to engage and communicate more effectively with others and each other
      • Leading your Why Workshop (4 hours): Identify your purpose and how it relates to business goals and objectives
      • LSI Workshop (one day): Delivering the Lifestyles Inventory (LSI) diagnostic – explaining the tool and debriefing the groups results
      • Where Creativity and Corporate Collaborate (4 hours): how to construct a creative culture
      • Group Business Coaching Programs: Please see our Workshops and Programs page for the current Group Business Coaching Programs running in Mornington and Online.

I would highly recommend Ami to anyone needing support, direction and clarity in their business. She has a really supportive approach that makes the whole process feel achievable and she’s with you every step of the way.

Sara White - Editor and CEO, Styletails and Luxe Pet Guide (United Kingdom)

Diagnostic Tools

diagnostic tools for business

Through our many years of experience with corporate leadership tools, we have hand picked the tools we know will elevate leaders, small business owners and individuals into their place of greatest impact. Diagnostics are often the fastest, most effective way to clarify the capacities and areas of development in an individual. As part of a coaching plan, we weave online tools into your development, designed to fast track you to your desired outcomes. These surveys provide us with data on your behaviours, thinking and tendencies/preferences, building a picture of your strengths and barriers that are grounded in scientific fact, coupled with state of the art personable coaching to debrief and make sense of your results.

We introduce a number of diagnostics to our clients that will:

  • clarify your strengths, leveraging what is ‘right’ about you
  • help us to understand your current personal barriers to success and build a plan around how to overcome these
  • amplify the characteristics that contribute to you flourishing and being your best
  • create self-awareness that builds leadership skills personally and professionally

Accredited in:

Also provides:

  • Learning Type Measure diagnostic (LTM/4MAT)
  • Signature Strengths Survey (VIA)
  • DISC Profile
  • Hays Management Styles Survey

I have gained streets worth of insight through the combination of diagnostics and situational coaching and in just a few short months have learnt skills that will last me a lifetime.

Kathryn Anderson - Director, Viva Physio

Other ways to work with us

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