You are a larger organisation (NFP or For Profit) who needs expert leadership development consultation, coaching, facilitation or diagnostics delivery.

With over 12 years of experience consulting to and coaching the energy industry, all levels of education, government, community services, professional services, the banking industry, board experience and as preferred suppliers of leadership development services in government organisations, our team of experts assist you to develop your leaders, build your culture constructively and lead your growth and innovative practices.


corporate leadership coaching

Leadership Development Consulting

Coaching and facilitation in the following diagnostics and areas of expertise:


We offer a number of programs ready to deliver to teams or individuals, and can work with you closely to develop a program or workshop to suit your specific requirements.

Ami has helped me gain clarity and direction in my business and has given me the tools I needed to free up time and actually be able to work “on” my business rather than “in” my business!

Sarah Mackay Wiggers, Studio Samsara - The Loft and The Sanctuary

Diagnostic tools

Through our many years of experience with corporate leadership tools, we have hand picked the tools we know will elevate leaders, small business owners and individuals into their place of greatest impact. Diagnostics are often the fastest, most effective way to clarify the capacities in an individual. As part of a coaching plan, we weave online tools into your development designed to fast track you to your desired outcomes. These surveys provide us with data on your behaviours, thinking and tendencies/preferences, allowing us to build a picture of your strengths and barriers that are grounded in scientific fact, coupled with state of the art personable coaching to debrief and make sense of your results.

We introduce a number of diagnostics to our clients that will:

  • clarify your strengths, leveraging what is ‘right’ about you
  • unearth your current personal barriers to success and build a plan around how to overcome these
  • amplify the characteristics that contribute to you flourishing and being your best
  • create self-awareness that builds leadership skills personally and professionally

Accredited in:

Also provides:

  • Learning Type Measure diagnostic (LTM/4MAT)
  • Signature Strengths Survey (VIA)
  • DISC Profile
  • Hays Management Styles Survey

Ami perfectly combines warmth, support and general wonderfulness with intelligence and real deal, evidence-based strategies. Working with her on my business mindset and goals leaves me feeling empowered and expansive and ready to take on the world. I always feel safe and trusting in the work and in Ami’s expertise.

Anna Rogan - Owner , Anna Rogan Copywriting