small business leader kit

Small Business Leader Kit

You are your business’ most valuable asset. But how often do you invest in yourself, as the leader of your business?

The Small Business Leader Kit is your work from home professional development coaching toolkit. This 71 page jam-packed e-resource brings some of our most valuable and insightful leadership tools together in the one PDF workbook, the same tools we take 1:1 coaching clients through.

Free Resources, our gifts to you

Business Priority Circle Exercise

This easy and creative planning exercise brings clarity and direction for the future.

Designed to help develop filter divergent thinking for creatives and help you focus on the immediate priorities and plan the longer-term priorities of your business, you can work through this powerful exercise alone, or during a session with us.

Mindset Quiz

Growth Mindset is a determining factor in the success of an entrepreneur. Choosing to see setbacks as learning opportunities, persevering through the challenges and believing that you have the capability to grow and develop in any area you set your mind to help us to be our best selves. Similarly, when we are fixed in our mindset, we may be tempted to give up when we hit a challenge, we tell ourselves we are not smart enough, not original enough and believe we were either born to do this, or not. Our Mindset Quiz will provide a quick check-in of your current mindset, and includes questions to ask yourself to determine where and how you’d like to develop.

Coaching Evaluation Tool

Struggling to decide on which coach might suit your needs, or determining whether Craft might be the right fit for you? Empower yourself by making an informed choice by downloading our handy Coach Evaluation Tool to help you ask the right questions, get clear on the outcomes you want from coaching, and build a list of criteria for your selection process.

Decision Tree Template

Struggling to make an important decision? The Decision Tree Template is amazingly simple, and enables you to visualise decisions mapped out in front of you, and thoroughly explore all options available. This very simple model is used in some of the largest organisations. It is helpful for creatives to map out thinking and scenarios visually. Our version is simplified for application in small business, to help you achieve your outcomes and move through to action.