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Craft Coaching bridges the gap between creativity and business.
We provide the creative tools to unlock your full leadership and entrepreneurial potential, helping you to innovate, elevate and inspire—in business and in life.

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development experts.

Knowledge is power, so Craft Coaching delivers deep corporate industry experience at an accessible price. Because we believe that small, purpose-driven businesses can create change, and we’re here to help you soar.

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With a bespoke, constructive and friendly approach, we help you find your place of greatest impact and support you every step of the way. Each coaching partnership is tailored to your needs—we’re in it for the long haul.

About Craft Coaching and Development

The team at Craft Coaching and Development, led by Ami Summers, understand that unlocking your creativity is the key to reaching your place of greatest impact—both professionally and personally. Operating since 2007, we consult to creative business owners and entrepreneurs, providing bespoke leadership development and small business mentoring.



We help you find your place of greatest impact and support you every step of the way.


Who we work with

We work with creative entrepreneurs and women who are determined to explore and create their own opportunities. We work with businesses and individuals who are focused on making a positive difference in the world, and who are invested in making the world a better place.

We work with business owners and individuals who persevere through challenges, adversity and who are willing to do the hard work to get to the outcome. We are curious about our clients, and our clients are curious in themselves. Clients who value self-development and growth, and are self-aware are a perfect fit for Craft. We work with clients who want a long-term, purpose-driven connection with us – we become invested in you and your business and career.


The group coaching program with Craft Coaching and Development has been an  amazing experience. Ami is a brilliant coach who can take challenging and overwhelming business principles and break them down into relatable, easy to understand language.

Kate Saville , Kate Saville Personal Training

 Ami is a brilliant coach who can take challenging and overwhelming business principles and break them down into relatable, easy to understand language.

Laurie Everaert - Owner , Locavore Photography

Ami is the most beautiful soul who will gently make you dig deep to move you and your business forward.
I cannot recommend Ami highly enough. She has given me drive again and helped me find my direction.
So grateful Ami has come into my life.

Shay Bianco - Owner, Lil Travellers Founder - MP Kickass Collective

Ami perfectly combines warmth, support and general wonderfulness with intelligence and real deal, evidence-based strategies. Working with her on my business mindset and goals leaves me feeling empowered and expansive and ready to take on the world. I always feel safe and trusting in the work and in Ami’s expertise.

Anna Rogan - Owner , Anna Rogan Copywriting

Ami has helped me gain clarity and direction in my business and has given me the tools I needed to free up time and actually be able to work “on” my business rather than “in” my business!

Sarah Mackay Wiggers, Studio Samsara - The Loft and The Sanctuary

With Ami she helps you to work out your strengths, priorities & vision to get you to where you want to be. I left feeling energized and ready to take on the world.

Marina McInnes, Owner Cider Tonic

Ami Summers has an intrinsic gift for helping you find your authentic self and instilling that in your businesses. Her inquisitive and genuine nature is heart warming to be around.

Lauren Murphy, Owner Lauren Murphy Photography

Without the help and guidance of working with Ami, I never would have taken the leap to follow my passion and start my design business.

Kate Britton, Owner A Midday in May

Getting help from Ami has given me the confidence and clarity I had been lacking.

This has turned my business around and given me a set plan and a clear direction of where I want to be.

Jo Daly, Owner Jo Daly Interiors

We have dug deep to get to the core values of who I am as a person and what my passion and business means to me.  I thank her dearly for all she has done and continues to do to help my business and personal self grow.

Kellie Robinson, Owner - Colour of Life Photography

I would highly recommend Ami to anyone needing support, direction and clarity in their business. She has a really supportive approach that makes the whole process feel achievable and she’s with you every step of the way.

Sara White - Editor and CEO, Styletails and Luxe Pet Guide (United Kingdom)

I have gained streets worth of insight through the combination of diagnostics and situational coaching and in just a few short months have learnt skills that will last me a lifetime.

Kathryn Anderson - Director, Viva Physio

Being a ‘two man team’ can sometimes be challenging and having a third person (Ami) on the side to discuss ideas, set goals etc has been a great addition to our business. Coaching has made us accountable and keeps us on our toes with timelines for our business.

Marcus Hanley and Jackie Payne, Owners Peninsula Nut Co & Humpercrunch

Within a few sessions using and discussing some really powerful diagnostic tools, I was able to identify my areas of strength as well as things that were holding me back… I cannot recommend Ami highly enough.

Julia Gottlieb, Creative Director Amadeus Brand

My Deep Dive session with Ami was so valuable. There was a moment in the session when I realised the core of what I’m passionate about in my business, and began dreaming about what it could look like in five years from now.

Dusk Liney, Owner and Lead Facilitator - The Listening Squad

Cementing my values has been so valuable. They can now be rippled through my business in a more conscious fashion.
I really enjoyed seeing things from a fresh perspective. I felt like Ami really “gets” me, so it was a really safe space for me to explore the topics we did.

Gemma Carr , Owner - Gemma Carr Photography

Seeing Ami has been such a game changer for me
After only a few sessions Ami managed to help me see how I was holding myself back and shared achievable steps to make important changes in both my personal life and my business, to allow myself and my business to grow and expand.

Amy Fox , Director - The Low Tox Fox

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